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    The Harwich Masonic Hall was acquired for £750 and dedicated by R.W. Prov. Grand Master, Colonel Lockwood in 1907.

  • 1909 The Hanslip Ward Lodge was founded.
  • 1917 The Essex United Service Lodge was founded.
  • 1926 Electric Organ was presented to the Lodge by Bro. Herbert Booth.
  • 1928 Harwich Masonic Hall Club was formed.
  • 1953 January the Masonic Hall was flooded to a depth of approximately eight feet and for a time we were without a home. Clacton and Manningtree kindly offered us the use of their Temple and we were therefore able to carry on with our work. In October, 1953 we were back again at the Pier Hotel. In an endeavour to raise from Four to Five Thousand Pounds, the estimated cost to restore the Masonic Hall, our Provincial Grand Master launched an Appeal to Lodges in Essex for their assistance.
  • 1954 A Circular letter was issued by the Prov. Grand Master, to all Lodges in Essex, for funds to help to restore the Harwich Masonic Hall. The estimated cost being £5,000.
    Bro. Rev. K. E. Williams, Chaplain, presented the Lodge with an Organ.
    Bro. P. M. Fitchew presented the Lodge with a Ballot Box.
    W.Bro. Lungley presented the Lodge with the First, Second and Third Degree Tracing Boards.
  • 1955 We returned to the Masonic Hall for our September meeting.
  • 1956 The Warrant had been restored after the damage suffered in the floods of 1953, and rehung in the Temple. The restoration had been carried out under the express guidance of W. Bro. Dr. A. G. Duncan Dep. Prov. Grand Master. The cost was £9.9.6.
    An emergency meeting was held on the 8th June for the purpose of unveiling a Plaque commemorating the re-opening of the Masonic Hall following the Flood and work of Restoration. R. W. Bro. Canon R. Stafford Morris Prov. Grand Master unveiled a plaque in the Entrance Hall, and then returned to the Temple and unveiled a plaque commemorating the Centenary of the Star in the East Lodge.
  • 1967 W. Bro. C. H. Vail resigned as Trustee of the Harwich Masonic Hall and as member of the Management Committee. He had served the Lodge in this capacity for 39 years.
  • 1987 In January adverse weather conditions made it impossible to hold a full meeting. Heavy snowfalls made it impossible for the majority of the members to attend.
  • 2013 The Harwich Masonic Hall was renovated on the outside by volunteers organised by W.Bro. Ken Stapleton and this website was commissioned, developed and built by Bro. S.J.Fuller. of Star in the East Lodge.

    The above text has been taken from The Star in the East Lodge Centenary Booklet and subsequently updated by the secretaries of the aforementioned Lodge.

    Any Brother who can give details of other historic events concerning The Harwich Masonic Hall, which you think should be published, will be thankfully received and faithfully applied.